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Humanity must reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 if we are to reverse the onset of climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss.

Art has the power to inspire, enthral and motivate people to transform the reality we are now facing as we reach the climate tipping point.

We believe that art, and the voices of those most impacted by climate change, are the missing pieces in global climate action efforts. The out-of-the-box thinking that many practising artists engage with daily is essential to finding creative and real solutions.

Further, we have a lot to learn from those that have lived at the front lines of poverty and conflict as a result of climate change. We acknowledge that many refugees & people from the travelling community have very real priorities of getting basic needs met and may not have the capacity/resources to face the wider issues of climate change.

As stated, our window of opportunity to make the changes needed to turn the tides is closing by the day. That is why we are giving this project our all to build a community that might have previously taken 10 years, in the span of 3 years!

The time for action is now, and we are committed to building the foundations needed to bring all of the amazing projects & artists that already exist  in Ireland together to energise & support each other.

None of us can make change alone, so the FarmYard will be the heart of the mycelial network that brings everyone together for inspired action.