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We curate & run events with cutting edge artists, creatives, thinkers, philosophers, farmers, poets, scientists, asylum seekers, politicians, community agencies & groups, non-profits, and those in the most marginalised communities that are passionate about nature, environment and sustainable lifestyles. These events are melting pots of creativity & inspiration to reconnect people to our beautiful land, water and ecosystem and ignite the energy in confidence needed for everyday people to take creative action which will transform their own lives and communities. Through our events we empower people to tap into their inner artist to become agents of creative change.

Co-creative art & land-based projects & events

In a nutshell, our programme embraces History, Heritage, Culture, Community Biodiversity, Climate & Environment through transformational events & co-creative art & land-based projects 
  1. Arts - visual art exhibitions, film, music, poetry, photography, theatre, storytelling, live art performances, dance, creative workshops, podcasting
  2. Climate:- action camps, climate resilient communities & task force networks events
  3. Community - festivals, gatherings, workshops, trainings, seminars, physical/emotional/spiritual health & wellbeing retreats, conferences, immersive experiences
  4. Culture - history, heritage, crafts, healing arts, performances
  5. Environment - biodiversity, nature, regenerative agriculture, organic farming, permaculture &  renewable energy